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Package Description Price Kc
Single day treatment - 2 hours 1750
Ayurvedic Consulting - (1 hour) 1250

The perfect treatment tailored just only for you Different programs available with herbal tea.

Package Description Price Kc
Three days treatment 5450

15% Discount for 3 days package Immerse to yourself to find the tranquility of you to clear the mind changes your view of life. Includind the daily consultation of Ayurveda Specialist and up to two to three hours daily treatments, we offer herbal tea according your Dosha.

Package Description Price Kc
Seven days treatment & Panchakarma 14350

25% Discount for 7days package Individual prices according to the guest requirements, specially personalized to your requirements over 14 to 21 days. The ultimate authentic Ayurveda treatments are available today for you.

Package Description Price Kc
Shareera Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Body massage-90 Minutes) 1450
Shareera Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Body massage-60 Minutes) 1050


Package Description Price Kc
Methodical flow of medicated liquids on head (60 Minutes) 1500
Samadhi therapy (90 Minutes) 1850
Patra Pinda Swedana - Poultice fomentation (60 Minutes) 1500
Choorna Pinda Swedana (60 Minutes) 1500
Head massage (45 Minutes) 500
Face Massage - with herbal face pack (30 Minutes) 650
Back Massage (45 Minutes) 750

Special seed powder bolls massage specially for stiffness, pain, and brings you total relief

Package Description Price Kc
Nasya (30 Minutes) 750
Kati Vasti (30 Minutes) 1000
Foot Massage (45 Minutes) 550
Vasti (Enima) 1000
Hot Stones (90 Minutes) 1200
Hot Stones (60 Minutes) 700

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