Ayurveda brings a distinctive centuries-old approach not only to remedy all health problems, but above all helps to prevent them. It uses a comprehensive system of traditional methods, procedures and preparations.


Sathy is Sri-lankan professional ayurveda therapist , who studied ayurveda and its traditional massage technics with professor T. K. Ashok from Government ayurveda College Tri Vendram, Kerala. In 2009 Sathy came to the Czech Republic and worked in luxury spa hotels in Podebrady and lastly in GH Pupp in Karlovy Vary. He became independent and in 2019 he established a company Sathyayurveda s.r.o. Clients appreciate not only Sathy´s high level of profesionality and his talent, but also his character and charisma. It is not easy to describe his personality, you must meet him personally…..