Ayurveda is an oldest perfect holistic medical science of life. The word AUYR literally means life and VEDA means the science. Ayurveda briefly explain the knowledge of the “do” and “ not do” one has to follow, which favor the well-being of each individual to lead a healthy, happy, comfortable and advantageous life physically mentally and socially. .Ayurveda medicine treats body, mind and spirit of a person as a whole entity. It works on the basis that mind and body affect each other, and together can prevent healthiness and overcome disease. Our complete attention is focused on your personal and individual health and well being.

We offer you specially designed Ayurveda treatment that covers the whole body from head to foot. It includes the Head massage, Face massage, Body intensive massage and Foot massage. The medicated oil for head and body is chosen by the Ayurveda specialist according to the individual body types. The duration of the treatment is usually 90 minutes. It’s very necessary to relax another 30minutes